Q1: How much does it cost?      
A:  Cost is $100 per person

Q2: I have a group of friends that are interested in doing the course can we get a discount?
A:  Yes if you have a group of 5 people or more cost will be $90 per person.

Q3: How and when do I pay for it?    
A: Payment can be made on the night either by Cash, EFTPOS, or Credit Card, Cheque payments will also be accepted by prior arrangement.

Q4: I am a business and want to get my staff RSA trained, do I need to pay on the day.
A:   No if you are a business you can be invoiced if you prefer.

Q5: How long does the course go for?
A:   Approximately 4 hours or longer depending on how many questions people need or want to ask.

Q6: What do I need to bring to the course?
A:  Nothing, MMTS will supply all course materials.

Q7: How is this training delivered?
A:  course is delivered face to face classroom based.

Q8: Is this course recognised?
A:  Yes this course (SITHFAB201) is part of the Tourism Hospitality and Events Training Package and is part of nationally recognised training. ACT Liquor board is adopting this package for RSA training in Canberra.

Q9:  Is this course recognised in NSW.
A:  No this course is recognised in all states and territories except NSW.

Q10:  Why is it not recognised in NSW?
A:  NSW has different liquor laws to other states and territories.

Q11: Do I get a certificate?  If yes when do I receive it?
A:  Yes you will receive a nationally recognised statement of attainment on the night.

Q12:  I am under 18 years; can I do the RSA course at Mooseheads?  
A: Yes you can, as the RSA course is held on licensed premises you will need to make arrangements with the trainer to meet you at front of Mooseheads to escort you on and off the premises.

Q13:  I am under 18 years; can I work in licensed premises?
A:  Under 18’s can only work in non adult areas of licensed premises, for example Restaurant, licensed coffee shop function centres etc. Or any venue that is not licensed as adults only area.

Q14:  Will I have a guarantee of a job when I complete the RSA course?
A:  No MMTS is unable to guarantee you a job; however we do have close relationships with some licensed venues in Canberra and may be in a position to advise you which venues might be looking for staff.

Q15:  Does this course involve bar training?
A:   No this course teaches you about liquor legislation, Current liquor laws, your responsibilities, and obligations.

Q16:  Due to other commitments I am unable to attend on Wednesday’s are there any other options?
A:  Yes if you can get a group (minimum of 4 to attend) MMTS will be more than happy to schedule a course on a day and time that is suitable to you.

Q17:  I have a group of staff that I need to get RSA trained but am experiencing difficulties getting them to your venue; can my staff be trained at my premises?
A:  Yes MMTS is well equipped to deliver the course at your venue at a date and time that is most suitable to your business needs.

Q18:  how do I register/enrol?
A:   You can enrol in a number of ways, Fill in the shortened version of online enrolment form or send email with your name and contact number to monch@mmtstrainingsolutions.com.au or contact MMTS on 0414533544.

Q19:  Do I need to pay in advance to reserve my place?
A:  No there is no need to pay in advance to reserve your spot.

Q20: How often do I need to do the RSA course?
A:  From December 2011 all RSA certificates in ACT will need to be renewed every three years.

Q21:  Is there any parking close by?
A:  Yes there is a car park opposite Mooseheads.

Q22:  Is there any food available?
A:  Yes Mooseheads has a fully catered kitchen and is offering all participants at the RSA course food at discounted prices to those who are interested.