• 1 Accessibility
  • 2 Registration
  • 3 Anti-Discrimination
  • 4 Access and Equity
  • 5 Standards of Service
  • 6 Ethical Marketing
  • 7 Assessments and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • 8 Participant Support Services
  • 9 Participant Records and Privacy Principles
  • 10 Grievances
  • 11 Disciplinary Procedures
  • 12 Quality Assurance
  • 13 OH&S Policy
  • 14 Duty Statement

MMTS conducts an enrolment, induction and orientation program for all clients. This program reviews the Code of Practice and also includes:

The completion of an Enrolment form and any specific needs of the individual client with regard to:

Language, Literacy and Numeracy support;
Venue safety and facility arrangements;
Relevant legislative requirements and accessibility;
Review of the training and assessment program and flexible learning and assessment;
Client support, welfare and guidance service arrangements;
Appeals, complaints and grievance procedures;
Disciplinary procedures; and
Recognition arrangements and credit transfers.

1 Accessibility

This Code of Practice is drawn to the attention of all prospective participants

2 Registration

MMTS Training Solutions will comply with the conditions of our registration as a Registered Training Organisation under the terms of the AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework).

3 Anti-Discrimination

MMTS Training Solutions does not discriminate against the admission of any person irrespective of their gender, culture, linguistic background, race, location, socio-economic background or disability.

4 Access and Equity

Recognising that access and equity in adult education involves the removal of obstacles to learning and the active encouragement of those who may have benefited little from education in the past, MMTS Training Solutions undertake the following:

4.1 – Assistance will be provided on request for people with disabilities through the provision of access for wheelchairs at our venue, or otherwise within our capacity to assist.

4.2 – Enrolments are made on a first come first served basis determined by the payment of the appropriate advertised fee.

4.3 – MMTS Training Solutions will assist prospective participants in selecting appropriate courses on request at the time of enrolment. If applicable, induction or orientation shall be conducted before the commencement of the course.

4.4 – Course information is made available to the community by means of course brochures.

4.5 – Language, Literacy and Numeracy. MMTS Training Solutions recognises that all vocational training includes language, literacy and numeracy tasks. All MMTS trainers and assessors will provide:

  • Materials, resources and assessment tools and tasks that do not require clients to have language, literacy and numeracy skills of more complex than those used in the workplace for the competencies being taught/accessed;
  • Clear modules of the language/literacy/numeracy task;
  • Opportunities for repeated and supported practise; and
  • Opportunity for independent practice;

Where some clients require additional practise and training MMTS will provide language, literacy and numeracy support where feasible otherwise alternate pathways will be outlined/advised.

4.6 – Through the implementation of policies and procedures, the benefits of participating in vocational education and training are available and responsive to the diverse needs of all clients.

5 Standards of Service

5.1 MMTS Training Solutions maintains high professional standards in the delivery of education and training which safeguards the interests and welfare of our participants.

5.2 MMTS Training Solutions strives to provide a learning environment and facilities, which are conducive to the safety, comfort and needs of our participants and trainers.

5.3 Courses are presented by appropriately qualified and industry experienced trainers.

5.4 Participant feedback is welcomed to help in maintaining and improving our standards of service. In addition to course evaluations, participants are invited to talk or write to the trainers about their feelings – good or bad.

6 Ethical Marketing

6.1 MMTS Training Solutions follows ethical marketing procedures and seeks to avoid ambiguity, inaccuracy and inconsistency in advertising its courses.

6.2 Only Nationally Recognised Training carries the ANTA logo.

7 Assessments and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

7.1 ASSESSMENTS – Participants will be assessed against the competencies of each course. A variety of methods may be used including observation, role-play, oral or written questions and answers, as appropriate.
If participants are deemed not yet competent, they may resubmit material for reassessment once. An administration fee of $20.00 will be charged for any reassessment.

7.2 APPEALS AGAINST ASSESSMENTS – If a participant is not happy with an assessment outcome, they may appeal and be re-assessed. The appeal should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer within 1 week of receiving the results of the assessment.

7.3 RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING means recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred.
MMTS Training Solutions appreciates that competencies may be attained in a number of ways. This includes through any combination of formal or informal training and education, work experience or general life experience.
Recognition of Prior Learning can be obtained for selected modules in all accredited courses if participants can provide evidence of skills, activities and aptitudes acquired through past experience, which match the competencies to be achieved throughout the course. The evidence may take a variety of forms and could include certification, references from past employers, testimonials from clients and work samples.
MMTS Training Solutions will ensure that the evidence is authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient. If a participant feels they should seek RPL they are encouraged to contact MMTS Training Solutions. A fee of $50 will be charged for each unit of competency assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning.

7.4 ACCREDITED QUALIFICATIONS (mutual recognition). MMTS Training Solutions is obligated to recognise and accept Australian Quality Framework qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs, enabling individuals to receive national recognition of their achievements.

8 Participant Support Services

8.1 Participants who have difficulty in achieving the required level of competency in accredited courses may be counselled and offered opportunities for remedial study, additional coursework, or coaching. A fee may be applicable in these circumstances and will be established, on a case-by-case basis, in consultation between the student and the trainer.

8.2 Welfare and guidance services in terms of academic and personal counselling will be provided for participants if required. Participants requesting this service are encouraged to contact the MMTS office.

9 Participant Records and Privacy Principles

In line with the national privacy principles, confidentiality is maintained in respect of all participant information and records. Accredited course and participant records are maintained for thirty years. Non-accredited course and participant records are maintained for one year. Student records are available to course participants for a period of 30 years from the date of the course attended. Applications for such records must be in writing, quoting the following pieces of information:
Full Name
Date of Training
Name of training course
Name of Trainer
A fee of $10 will be charged for all subsequent certificates issued

10 Grievances

Any grievance brought to the attention of the course trainer or administration staff will be investigated and determined in consultation with the aggrieved person in a timely manner, in accordance with the MMTS Grievance Procedure:

  • A formal or informal approach will initially need to be made by the participant to the trainer
  • The grievance/complaint will be recorded in writing by MMTS
  • All attempts will be made to resolve the grievance/complaint internally with all parties involved
  • If the grievance/complaint cannot be resolved internally an appropriate legal or independent impartial body will be appointed to act as an arbitrator
  • The participant will be consulted as to the selection of the appropriate arbitrator
  • MMTS will not object to the participant being represented by a third party in any subsequent discussion

11 Disciplinary Procedures

All participants are expected to take responsibility in line with all current workplace practices and legislation for their own learning and behaviour.
If a participant’s behaviour, attitude or actions are considered inappropriate or distracting to other participants, the person may be required to leave and may be dismissed from the course. In such a case, MMTS (at its discretion) may refund part of the course fees.

12 Quality Assurance

MMTS Training Solutions maintains a management system comprising of manuals, procedures and standard forms, in line with the AQTF Standards for Registered Training Organisations. MMTS Training Solutions has adopted a process for periodic self-assessment and is committed to continual improvement of our educational and administrative processes.
All correspondence should be forwarded to the attention of MMTS Training Solutions Chief Executive Officer.

  • All training and assessment services conducted by MMTS or provided on its behalf will comply with all aspects of the AQTF Essential standards for registration.
  • MMTS manages records to ensure accuracy and integrity.

13 OH&S Policy

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989 MMTS will take all reasonably practical steps to protect the ,safety and welfare at work of all employees and participants.
In particular:

  • Both the workplace and work environment will be maintained so it is safe and does not risk an employee’s / participants health.
  • Adequate facilities will be provided.
  • A safe way in and out of workplace will be provided.
  • Information, instructions and supervision as necessary will be provided in order for work to be performed in a safe manner.
  • Appropriate information and records will be maintained relating to an employees / participants health and safety.
  • A register of injuries and injury notice will be maintained.
  • Appropriate medical and first aid services will be provided.
  • Health and safety policies will be developed and maintained.
  • Approved codes of practice will be made available to employees/participants.

14 Duty Statement

As Chief Executive Officer of MMTS I agree to operate according to the requirements of the national VET system and will ensure that MMTS at all times complies with the AQFT 2007 Essential Standards for Registration and any other national guidelines approved by the National Quality Council.

I ensure that at all times MMTS will cooperate with the registering body in particular with regards to audits and the provision of all requested data and information pertaining to the performance and operations of MMTS.

MMTS will comply with relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its operations and scope of registration. Staff and clients will be informed of these requirements where they affect their duties or participation in vocational education and training.